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Basoonist and saxophone-player Lindsay Cooper is an outstanding composer and musician. Her style is a subtle, none-the-less impressive example of contemporary feminist music. As a former member of Henry Cow, David Thomas and the Pedestrians, the Feminist Improvising Group, the Mike Westbrook Orchestra etc. she was leading own groups during the 80's and early 90's.
This site informs about her records in its diversity - between art rock, jazz, free improvisations and new music compositions.
First entries: May 23, June 11 & 13, 24, 2003 (thanks to Alfred Harth, Germany/South Korea, for his support). Slight corrections and additions: September 16, 2003, October 21/22, 2003, February, 4, 2004. More additions: June, 22, 2004; September 23, 2004, May 31, 2005; December 20, 2005.

Recordings Meike Spitzner or I own are indicated by an astacus. Information on other recordings is basically hearsay, so we welcome additions and corrections. Please send me additions, corrections, suggestions, photographs or any other info E-mail you'd like to provide.
Engelbert Schramm
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A fine collection of Lindsay's theatre and film music of the 80's.
" This music provides me with everything I am addicted to and enjoy: the giddy beauty of romantic and modern classics from Berliot to Berio, the immediacy of new jazz and the smell of pop in progressive rock. In all, it's a ball of humour, diversity and critical engagement." (Bad Alchemy 2/85)

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