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In order of known (or likely) recording dates
Lindsay Cooper
Pictures From The Great Exhibition
Ré Records (U.K.) RéR 1851 [7"/45 single] (1983)
A: 1. Fingers Weary and Worn (Tulley) 2. Canal Towpath (Cooper) 3. Regent Street (Herold) 4. Musical Box (Tulley) 5. Women's Wrongs (Cooper) 6. Cholera Morbus (Minton) 7. The Housewife's Nightmare (Herold/Cooper) 8. Spitalfields (Tulley)
Recorded April 1979 at Kaleidophon Studios, London
Lindsay Cooper - bassoon, alto and soprano saxophone, oboe, piano; Georgie Born - cello, bassguitar,Phil Minton - trumpet, voice.
Note: „All titles recorded at Kaleidophon. April 79 for the film ‚The Song of the Shirt’“ (but cf. next entry). The single’s B side is without any tracks and has a „painted“ surface.

*Lindsay Cooper
Arc Records (UK) ARC 1 [12"/33 LP](1980)
Re recordings (UK) Ré/arc 1981 [12"/33 LP](1983)
ReR (UK), ReR LCD [CD](1991)
1. The Exhibition of Fashions (1'29) 2. Lots of Larks (1'07) 3. General Strike (1'48) 4. Women's Wrongs 1 (4'35) 5. Women's Wrongs 2 (3'06) 6. The Charter (1'40) 7. Parliament Catch (1'26) 8. Women's Wrongs 3 (2'25) 9. Film Music (4'25) 10. Prostitution Song (2'21) 11. 1848 (2'07) 12. The Chartist Anthem (1'20) 13. Cholera (2'37) 14. Stitch Goes the Needle (2'36) 15. A Young Lady's Vision (1'19) 16. Pin Money (0'50) 17. Women's Wrongs 4 (2'00) 18. The Song of the Shirt (4'57)
Most songs are traditional and worked out by Lindsay Cooper, except (4) by Cooper/Lanner, Balfe, (5),(8),(9) by Cooper, (7) by Baildon, (11) by Dupon/trad., (12) Boucher/trad., (16) by Cooper/Balfe, (17) by Hood/Tutley. All tunes arranged by Cooper.
Lindsay Cooper - bassoon, soprano, sopranino saxophones, oboe, flute, keyboards, accordion, drums (on 11 only); Sally Potter - voice; Georgie Born - bass guitar, cello; Phil Minton - voice, trumpet; Fred Frith - guitar; Chris Cutler - drums
recorded/mixed summer 1979, summer 1980 at Kaleidophon, London
Note: “This record is based on the score of “The Song of the Shirt”, a film about the London needlewomen whose sweated labour built the metropolitan garment industry.” The film’ s directors are Sue Clayton and Jonathan Curling.
Note: The CD edition combines the two vinyls 'Rags' and 'The Goldiggers' (Sync Pulse 0617)

Fred Frith
RecRec Music (Switzerland) ReCDec 901 [CD, also CT]
East Side Digital (USA) ReCDec 901 [CD](1991)
1. The Boy Beats The Rams (Kluk Tluce Berany) (4’54) 2. Spring Any Day Now (3’04) 3. Don't Cry For Me (3’28) 4. The Hands Of The Juggler (5’31) 5. Norrgarden Nyvla (2’54) 6. Year Of The Monkey (4’11) 7. What A Dilemma (3’11) 8. Crack In The Concrete (1’24) 9. Come Across (2’47) 10. Dancing In The Street.My Enemy Is A Bad Man (4’42) 11. Slap Dance (2’32) 12. A Career In Real Estate (4’42) 13. Dancing In Rockville Maryland (3’04) 14. Waking Against Sleep (2’08) 15. Terrain (3’50) 16. Moeris Dancing (5’03) 17. Geistige Nacht (5’18) 18. Life At The Top (1’40) 19. Oh Wie Schön Ist Panama! (5’02)
Fred Frith - bass guitar, guitar, violin, keyboards, drums, extra percussion; Chris Cutler (1-6,14-17): snare drum, maraccas, clapping, drums; Lindsay Cooper (14,15): bassoon, oboe; Tim Hodgkinson (14) - alto saxophone; Annemarie Roelofs (14) - trombone
(14) recorded at Sunrise Studios (?) in July-August 1978; (15) recorded at Kaleidophon, London in March 1978 (“Artbears” session)
Note: LC appears only on (14) and (15). (14-19) are neither availalble on the LP pressings (Ralph Records resp. T.E.C. Tones (USA) and FF-8057-L [12"/33 LP]) nor on the 2002 "original remix" CD edition (ReReFRO 01).
Personel of the "original remix" tunes are besides of Frith and Cutler Hans Bruniusson, Eino Haapala, Lars Hollmer, Marc Hollander, Olivia Bruynhooge, Tina Curran, Frank Wuyts, Michel Berckmans, Etienne Conod, Denis Van Hecke, Veronique Vincent, Dave Newhouse,Tom Scott, Paul Sears and Billy Swann. On two of the bonus tracks Dagmar Krause (16) and Tom Cora (18) are appearing.

*Various Artists
Miniatures. A Sequence Of Fifty-One Tiny Masterpieces Edited By Morgan Fisher
Pipe Records (UK) Pipe 2 [12’’ 33 LP] (1981)
Edigsa (Spain), 15L0119-5 [12’’ 33 LP] (1981?)
Supporti Fonografici (Italy), SF007 [12’’ 33 LP] (1985)
Voiceprint (UK), VP 159 CD [CD] (1985)
Blueprint (AU), BP 159 [CD] (1998 or 1997?)
12. The Entire Works Of Henry Cow (Fred Frith) (1’00)
Collated at Pass, New York City and KUNM, Albuquerque (New Mexico) in 1980
Fred Frith - ?; Chris Cutler - drums; Tim Hodgkinson - ?; John Greaves - bass guitar ?; Geoff Leigh - ?; Lindsay Cooper - bassoon; Dagmar Krauss - voice; Peter Blegvad - ?; Anthony Moore - ?
Note: “This piece contains a portion of every track recorded by Henry Cow assembled according to a strict mathematical system” (Liner Notes of Fred Frith’s Speechless CD.)
Note: This piece is also as bonus track (14) on the CD edition of Fred Frith’s “Speechless” (RecDec 902 resp. ESD 80542 CD).
Note: The “Miniatures” record edited by Morgan Fisher features one minute songs by Ollie Halsall and John Halsey, The Residents, Roger McGough, Morgan-Fisher, John Otway, Pete Challis and Phil Diplock, Robert Wyatt, Stinky Winkles, Mary Langford, Andy 'Thunderclap' Newman, David Bedford, Fred Frith, Maggie Nicols, Joseph Racaille, The Work, Neil Innes and Son, Herbert Distel, Lol Coxhill, Ken Ellis, Steve Miller, Norman Lovett, Patrick Portella, George Melly, Robert Fripp, Andy Partridge, Phantom Captain, Ron Geesin, Alejandro Vinao, Quentin Crisp, Simon Desorgher, Ralph Steadman, R. D. Laing and Son, Trevor Wishart, John White, Ivor Cutler, Zazou, Michael Bass & Ellen Tenenbaum, Martin Chambers, Bob Cobbing & Henri Chopin, Dave Vanian, Metabolist, Gavin Bryars, 1/2 Japanese, Simon Jeffes, Mark Perry, Michael Nyman, David Cunningham, Kevin Coyne, Etron Fou Leloublan, Neil Oram and Ken Campbell and Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool, Pete Seeger. LC appears on track (12)only.

*Lindsay Cooper/Maggie Nicols/Joelle Leandre
Live At The Bastille (1982)
Recommended Records (U.K.) SYNC PULSE Records 1789 [12 " LP 45rpm] 1984
1. Heads Will Roll 2. Les tricoteuses 3. Almost The Blues 4. Forgotten Faces 5. Ancient Station 6. Une journée 7. Dream On 8. Let Them Eat Telly 9. Quiet As A Mouse
Lindsay Cooper - basson, electric basson, dismanteled basson, sopranino saxophone; Maggie Nicols - voice; Joelle Leandre - double bass, backing vocals on (1)
recorded march 25, 1982 at the ancient train station Bastille, Paris

*Mike Westbrook Orchestra
The Cortege
Original Records (U.K.) ORA 309 [3xLP] (1982)
Enja Records Winckelmann (Germany) ENJ-709022 [2xCD] (1993)
1. It Starts Here (5’17) 2. Democratie (7’55) 3. Berlin 16.2.79 (9’25) 4. Erme Estuary (11’11) 5. Knivshult/Ash Wednesday (4’51) 6. Ruote Che Girano (6’48) 7. Piano (3’06) 8. Leñador (11’30) 9. July '79 (12’49) 10. Enfance (14’00) 11. Cordoba (8’08) 12. Santarcangelo (16’55) 13. Kyrie (5’22) 14. A Hearth Burns (11’11) 15. Graffitti (8’01)
All compositions by Mike Westbrook, with texts from Garcia Lorca, Rimbaud, Hesse, Blake, and others.
Mike Westbrook - piano, tuba(12); Phil Minton - trumpet, voice; Kate Westbrook - tenor horn, bamboo flute, piccolo, voice; Brian Godding - guitar; Dave Plews - trumpet, flugelhorn; Malcolm Griffiths - trombone, bass trombone; Georgie Born - cello; Guy Barker - trumpet, flugelhorn; Alan Sinclair - tuba; Steve Cook - bass guitar; Dick Pearce - trumpet, flugelhorn; Dave Powell - tuba (9-15); Dave Barry - drums, percussion; Chris Hunter - alto, soprano, and tenor saxophone, flute; Phil Todd - alto, soprano, and tenor saxophone, clarinet, alto flute; Lindsay Cooper - bassoon, oboe, sopranino saxophone; Chris Biscoe - baritone, alto and soprano saxophone, alto clarinet, flute
recorded at Music Center Wembley, London, March/April 1982

Maarten Altena Octet
Claxon 83.12 [12"/33 LP] (1983)
A 1. Tel (5’22) A 2. Improvisations (Octet) (6‘22) A 3. Pukkel (8’00) B 1. Johan van Wely (5'39) B 2. Rottum (6'00) 3. Beertje (4'24) 4. C-Melody (5'24)
All compositions by van Regteren Altena except as noted
Paul Termos - alto saxophone; Kenny Wheeler - trumpet; Wolter Wierbos - trombone; Maud Sauer - oboe, alto oboe; Lindsay Cooper - basson, sopranino saxophone; Maattje Hoorn - violon; Guus Janssen - piano; Maarten van Regteren Altena - bass; cello.
recorded live oktober 1982

David Thomas & His Legs
Winter Comes Home
Re: (Recommended) Records (UK) dtlp [12"/45 LP](1982? 1983?)
A 1. A Day Such As This A 2.Winter Comes Home A 3. West Side Story A 4. Sunset Stormy Weather B 1. Poetic License B 2. Rhapsody In Pink B 3. Dinosaurs Like Me, Petrified Bones In Action & Contrasted Views of The Archaeopteryx.
David Thomas - Lindsay Cooper -Chris Cutler
Note: (A 3) is the B-side of a flexi given away 1982 wth the Dutch "Vinyle" magazine (on its A side is featured Ben Watt's "On Box Hill".

Lindsay Cooper
Outtakes For Other Occasions
1986 - No Man's Land (F.R. Germany), nml 8603C [CT]
1/ Tsar's Band - The Assassination - The Evening Before (From The Play "The Execution") 2/ Score From The Film "Give Us A Smile" 3/ Washing Line (From The Film "Green Flutes") 4/ Score From The Film "Against The Current" 5/ Curtain Music From The Play "The Time Of Their Lives" 6/ Trih's Song
Lindsay Cooper - all instruments; Chris Cutler (1,3) - percussion, drums;Maggie Nicols (2) - vocals; Irita Kutchmy (3): flute, saxophone; Vicky Aspinall (5): violin; Sally Potter (6): vocals; Georgie Born (6): cello;Fred Frith (6): guitar.
Recorded in 1979-1984
Note: This Cr20 tape was given for free to subscribers of the German LP edition of MUSIC FOR OTHER OCCASIONS (1986).