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A Selected Discography
Strawbs live in Tokyo '75/Grave New World, the movie
Witchwood Records (U.K:) [DVD] (June 2003)
"Til the sun comes shining through" (from a 1970 Granada TV show - this is Rick Wakeman's television debut, and the Strawbs first TV appearance in Britain.  It was Lindsay L. Cooper's last appearance with the group before John Ford and Richard Hudson joined as the rhythm section.)
Note: This is the bonus-track only. The DVD features a Tokyo concert of a 1975 Strawbs line-up without LLC and the 1972 movie "Grave New Worls" plus some interviews.

Mike Oldfield
Tubular Bells
Virgin V2 90589 [LP/CD]
(released 25th May 1973) recorded ???
1. Tubular Bells Part One (25'34) 2: Tubular Bells Part Two (21'45) / Sailor's Hornpipe (1'33)
All compositions and arrangements by M. Oldfield
Mike Oldfield - accoustic and electric guitar, organs, bagpipes, bass, mandolin, percussion, piano, flageolet, glockenspiel, Multi Instruments, timpani, tubular bells; Vivian Stanshall - voice, master of ceremonies; Jon Field - flutes; Linsay Cooper - bass, string bass; Mundy Ellis - voice;Sally Oldfield - voice; Steve Broughton - drums;Jabula - percussion (?); Manor Choir and Nasal Choir - voices.
Note: According to Mike Oldfield's official website the male Lindsay L. Cooper was playing here - in opposition to "Herverst ridge" where the female Lindsay is playing.
Tubular Bells served as the musical sound track of William Freidkin’s movie “The Exorcist”. Parts of Tubular Bells and Hergest Ridge were also used for the sound-track of Roger Vadim’s film “La Jeune Fille Assassinée” (1974)
Note: Pt. 1 and 2 of “Tubular Bells” are included in the CD compilation “Elements: Mike Oldfield 1973-1991” (2002).

Tangent (UK) TGS 121 [33/12'' LP]
Trevor Watts - alto & soprano saxophone; Keith Tippet - piano; Kent Carter & Lindsay Cooper - basses; John Stevens > drums; Terri Quoye > cogas .
recorded 12/11/1974

Spontaneous Music Orchestra
A-Records (UK) A 003 [33/12'' LP] (1975)
A 1. Search + Reflect (Stevens) A 2. Sustained (Stevens) A 3. Sustained + (Stevens) A 4. 12 + (Stevens) Total time (A 1 - 4) (20'45)
B 1. = (Stevens) (20'45)
Recorded at St John's Smith Square, London, January 25, 1975
Ian Brighton - electric guitar; Roger Smith - acoustic guitar; Nigel Coombes - violin; Lindsay Cooper - cello; Jane Robertson - cello; Colin Wood -cello; Marcio Mattos- double bass; Evan Parker - soprano saxophone; Trevor Watts - soprano saxophone; John Stevens - percussion, cornet
Chris Turner - harmonica; Robert Carter - violin; Stephen Luscomb - violin; Angus Fraser - bass; Martin Mayes - French horn; Peter Drew - piano; Bob Turner - soprano saxophone; Robert Calvert - sopranino saxophone; Dave Decobain - alto saxophone; Herman Hauge- alto saxophone; Ye Min - alto saxophone.
Note: Stevens, Watts, Parker, Brighton, Smith, Mattos, Coombes and the cellists formed the Spontaneous Music Ensemble of that session. All were musicians he had been working closely with in the recent past, except for Jane Robertson was visiting London at the time. To turn this into the Spontaneous Music Orchestra, Stevens added 11 of his current workshop musicians as e.g. Herman Hauge whose ensemble played frequently at that time at Little Theater Club. "The music was designed to be performed by musicians of varying abilities. It commences with just the workshop musicians playing his piece Search & Reflect - a basic concept designed to make musicians listen to and react to each other. After about 5 ½ minutes, the other, more experienced musicians joined in playing long notes, and the piece evolved into a Sustained section. The music continues this way, with freer improvisations inserted, for the next 23 minutes (with Evan Parker playing some very high sustained notes towards the end of this section). Around 29 minutes from the start, Trevor Watts leads the music away from this semi-static state into a freely improvised final section."
Note: Reissued on CD as "Spontaneour Music Orchestra: PLUS EQUALS" (Emanem 4062) in 2001. The original 5 tracks are now condensed in one track "Plus Equals" (40'45). The CD includes a second track "SMO AT LTC" (20'21), recorded January 24, 1974 at the Little Theatre Club, London.

Ken Hyder’s Talisker
Dreaming of Glenisla
Virgin/Caroline (UK) C 1513 [33/12'' LP] (1975)
A 1. Dreaming of Glenisla (Hyder) (4’54) A 2. Diddlin’ for the Bairns (Hyder)/Lament for Dairmid (trad.) (6’48) A 3. Drum Salute and Lament for Mal Dean (Hyder, Hyder/Webster) (11’53) B 1. Mrs Macleod Raasay and Soldier Song (trad.) (5’13) B 2. Ca’ the Yows (trad.) (2’26) B 3. Mingulay Bont Song (trad.) (5’43) B 4. Heel an’ Toe, Foot an’ Moo’ (Hyder) (5’39) B 5. Homeward (Hyder) (6’03)
Lindsay Cooper - double bass, voice; Ken Hyder - drums, voice; Marc Meggido - double bass, voice; John Rangecroft - tenor saxophone, clarinet, voice; Dave Webster - alto saxophone, penny whistle, voice
recorded at Saturn Studios, Worthing (U.K.), June 14 and 15, 1975
Note: The Photograph proves that this Lindsay Cooper had a male physiognomy and was wearing a beard. It is the male Lindsay L. Cooper being heard on this record.

Various Artists
Notspielplatz Zürich
ex libris EL 12 516m [LP?] 1986
Beat Blaser - bariton saxophone; Urs Blöchlinger - alto and bass saxophone; Peter Böhringer - trumpet; Lindsay L. Cooper - double bass; Andreas Friedli - flute; Kurt Grämiger - alto saxophone; Hugo Helfenstein - trombone; Thomas Hirt - bass; Mario Huter - violin, Peter Schärli - trumpet; Uli Scherer - piano; Martin Schlumpf - soprano saxophone, bass clarinet; Dieter Ulrich - drums

Andy Shanks/Jim Russell
Diamonds In The Night
Culburnie Records [CD] (1997)
1. Balgonie Bairn / Thirty Year Man 2. Ash Pirates 3. Rags And Days 4. Street Dances 5. Money, Guns And The Green Green Forest 6. St. Andrew In The Window 7. Compass Heart 8. The Road Here 9. Diamonds In The Night 10. Midnight City Buses 11. Mogadishu 12. The Fiddler 13. The Wake
Andy Shanks - Vocals and Guitar, Jim Russel - Guitar, Whistles, Melodian, Concertina, John Burgess - Tenor Saxophone, Lindsay Cooper - Double Bass, Brian McAlpine - Piano, Organ, additional Percussion, David Scott - Piano, Organ, additional Percussion, Wilf Taylor - Percussion, Wendy Weatherby - Cello, and the Torridon String Quartet

Day & Taxi
Percaso (Switzerland) percaso 11 [CD] (1992)
Christoph Gallio - alto and soprano saxophone; Lindsay L. Cooper - bass; Dieter Ulrich - drums
recorded October 4 & 5, 1991

Christoph Gallio
Cars & Variations / High Desert Songs
Percaso 14 [CD] (1994)
Christoph Gallio - alto and soprano saxophone; Irene Aebi - voice, violin; Chie Mukay - Kokyu, voice; Alfred Zimmerlin - cello; Matthew Ostrouwski - electronics, violin; Stephan Wittwer - guitar; Fredi Luscher - piano; Lindsay L. Cooper - bass; Dieter Ulrich - drums

The Pearlfishers
Across The Milky Way
Marina Records (Germany) [CD] MA 53 (2001)
1. Across the milky way 2. New stars 3. I was a cowboy 4. Steady with you 5. Sweet william 6. The vampires of camelon 7. We'll be the summer 8. Snow on the pines 9. Paint on a smile 10. Everything works out 11. Shine it out 12. When the highway ends13. Is it any wonder?
Words and music by David Scott; (9) by David Scott and Duglas T Stewart
David Scott - guitars, keyboards, bass and vocals; Jon Beales, Lawrence Dunn and Amy Geddes - violins; Alison Lucas - viola; Wendy Weatherby - cello; Lindsay L. Cooper - double bass; Allon Beauvoisin - baritone sax, bass clarinet and flute; Colin Steele - trumpet and flugel horn; Johnny Cameron - banjo and nylon strung guitar; Mick Slaven, Gabriel Telerman -electric guitar; Midori Terasawa - q chord; Jim Gash, Derek Star (11) -drums and percussion
Recorded at East Kilbride Arts Centre, Secret Music and on the Fruitmobile

Bill Wells Octet meets Lol Coxhill
Textile (F) Textile Vinyle Serie 01 [33/12'' LP] (2002)
Octet members include beside Bill Wells John Burgess, Allon Beauvoisin and Lindsay L. Cooper.
Recorded in 2001

Lindsay L. Cooper with Strawbs' Tony Hooper, Dave Cousins and (in front) Rick Wakeman (1970 )